Book Review: ‘The Line Between’ Is A Great Thriller That Could Mean The End Of Mankind

One woman must battle a cult, the weather and the police to save mankind of a deadly virus that is killing people in the exciting new novel The Line Between from author Tosca Lee. The story starts off strong and builds upon it and leads up to the climatic ending. A page-turner story that you won’t want to put down.

Wynter Roth, her sister and her Mom have been part of New Earth for years now. It’s a cult in the middle of America with strick rules and policies. When Wynter is cast out she goes to live with her mother’s best friend and her family. Adjusting to the real world after all these years is tough on Wynter. She had to leave her sister and niece behind. Soon a mysterious outbreak spreads across the country and the world and people are in a panic. No one is safe and no one seems to know what it is and how to cure it.

When Wynter’s sister shows up sick she tells how the virus came to be and how it could be cured. She has medical samples and a information and to get it to a lab in Colorado but people could be after her. Wynter goes on the run to get to Colorado and faces obstacle after obstacle in her journey. Bad weather, no gas, limited supplies and car that dies. She meets a man named Chase Miller who’s going her way and teams up with him. They are suspicious of each other and again face many hurdles on the way.

When Wynter is accused of the murder of her sister the authorities are looking for her. It makes her journey harder. She is also determined to get her niece from New Earth. It will take everything in Wynter and a little luck to get her niece and try and save mankind.

The story is a thrill ride a minute. With flashbacks we learn shocking things about Wynter and New Earth that you don’t see coming. She is a force to be reckoned with as a character and the story is really well written.

You can pick up The Line Between in stores on Tuesday, January 29th from Atria.

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