Book Review: ‘The Lightkeeper’s Daughters’ Is One Of The Top Books Of The Year So Far

A teenage girl in foster care and twins in a nursing home lives intersect in a way no one would have predicted in Jean E. Pendziwol’s outstanding new novel The Light Keeper’s Daughter (Harper Collins; in stores Tuesday, July 4). I’ve read a lot of books so far this year and this one is right up there being a potential book of the year read. Just a great story with twists and turns, with well written characters and short, easy to read chapters with no useless filler of story.

The story centers around Morgan, high school student who is in foster care and Elizabeth, who is blind but has a very keen memory. There paths collide when Morgan gets in trouble for graffiti and is assigned for four weeks to work in the nursing home.

Morgan was raised by her grandfather until his death a few years ago. She has few possessions except a violin that she plays really well and artwork. Elizabeth and her twin sister Emily along with her brothers Charlie and Paul were raised on an Porphyry Island on Lake Superior at a lighthouse that their father ran. Elizabeth was an outgoing child while Emily was a shut-in. She never talked and was usually in her own world. Growing up things happened to the family including the war, deaths and many secrets that weren’t so secret.

Elizabeth had questions about things that happened to her growing up that she never got the answers to. Her father kept journals that she hoped to read but her brother Charlie took them and disappeared for almost sixty years. Now his boat has been found washed ashore and he has died. Elizabeth gets the journals and when she and Morgan bound, gets her to read the journals to her. Her questions are not being answered when they discover some journals are missing.

When Morgan notices the artwork she has is similar to the artwork Elizabeth has and the missing journal is found and able to be read, it sets off memories and a chain of events that shocks them both to their cores. The answers they’ve been seeking are revealed in a way that neither saw coming.

With it being released on July 4th is’s the perfect read for the beach or the pool!

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