Book Review: ‘The Light Through The Leaves: A Novel’ By Glendy Vanderah

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Ellis Abbey has just had her third baby, a little girl. She has twin four year olds and seems to be suffering from some post-pardum. She’s married to Jonah, who she has discovered is having an affair. On a day in the woods with her boys and daughter, she decides she’s asking for a divorce. She is leaving the woods, gets distracted and drives off without her baby Viola, who she leaves in the parking lot. She drives about a mile and then drives right back to get her and she’s gone. The police have no clues and it wrecks her. She leaves her husband and boys and takes off across the country, camping out and drifting along.

The Daughter of Raven lives in Washington, in a remote are with her rich but weird and off the grid mother, who communes with nature. Raven is sheltered and then meets some kids that live near her. She wants to go to school and live some sore of normal life. When in highschool she gets her first boyfriend and her mother encourages her to embrace life. She’s also dying and then one day is gone. Everything is left to Raven and then the truth is figured out about who she really is.

It leads to a reunion that doesn’t go as anyone plans and it either will bring a long broken family together or tear them apart forever.

A fascinating story that starts off fast and keeps the reader engaged in both stories until the payoff of re-union. And then you still won’t have anyway of knowing how things will turn out.

You can pick up The Light Through The Leaves in stores on Thursday, April 1st.