Book Review: ‘The Lies We Tell’ Is Book Number Two In The Undertaker’s Daughter Series

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Book number two in the Undertaker’s Daughter series finds Dr. Rowan Dupont is back in the thick of things. She knows Julian is still out there and could strike at any minute. She is careful but doesn’t let it rule her life. She’s also still trying to piece together the secrets of her father and mother and is running out of people to talk to. A close friend is in jail and he gives her cryptic clues and then breaks out of jail, comes to her home with another cryptic clue and kills himself.

There are a series of other murders that seem like they could tie in to her past and with Julian. She and Police Chief Billy (who are having the talk about their relationship) are on the investigative trail as is the FBI. The more they dig, the more frustrated Rowan gets. Soon she finds her life in jeopardy and it may be Julian who comes to the rescue. More questions than answers lead to the next chapter of the story.

I didn’t read the first book in the series but found this easy to read. Author Debra Webb gives enough backstory so you understand what’s going on. A compelling story that leaves readers wanting to know more.

You can pick up The Lies We Tell in stores on Tuesday, September 17th, from MIRA.