Book Review: ‘The Liar’ Is A Great Romantic Thriller

Nora Roberts has written over 200 books and I have never read one before. ‘The Liar’ is my first book by her and I don’t know why I have never read one of them before. The book was a thrilling, well written book.

Shelby Foxworth is a recently widowed mother of a little girl. Her late husband Richard died in a boating accident. Heartbroken Shelby has to move on with her life. When the lawyers and accountants tell her that she owes millions of dollars in debt, she is floored. How can this be she wonders. As she starts going through Richard’s stuff she learns the man she married was not the man she thought he was. Richard wasn’t even his real name. As she starts selling stuff and finds a safe deposit book, she’s able to start paying the debt down. She also finds fake passports. Knowing she has to start over, she moves back home to Rendezvous Ridge, in the Smoky Mountains, back to her estranged family (Richard had not let her have much contact with them).

Once at home with the family she starts making amends with them and friends she had forsaken over the years. As she mends the relationships she meets the dashing, handsome Griffin Lott. Her little girl Callie is smitten with him as is Shelby. She soon starts dating him and letting Callie spend time with him. She gets a couple of jobs and is slowly moving on with her life in this small town where everyone knows each other. She’s letting her heart be open to love again. Then…..

As she’s moving on with her life, the sins of her past show up in town. Richard’s partners in crime arrive looking for stolen stuff that Shelby has no idea about. They hound her, the family and even Griffin. It all leads up to murder, kidnapping and a climatic ending to save lives.

A really well written romantic thriller, that clearly defines each character, shows the love and support of family and how when forced to start over, love can indeed be sweeter the next time around.

You can pick up ‘The Liar’ on April 14.

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