Book Review: ‘The Last Wife’ By Karen Hamilton

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Marie made a promise to her friend Nina before she died. She would help look after her two young kids and her husband Stuart. It has cost her the relationship she has with her boyfriend Ben, who she was hoping to have a baby with. Marie has always envied Nina and the life she had. Now she is somewhat living her life. She has moved into Nina’s house after breaking up with Ben on a temporary basis to help with the kids.

She starts to learn things about her last best friend Nina that don’t add up. A shocking secret comes to light and it’s one that Marie wants to know the truth about. She also insinuates herself more into the life of Stuart and the kids. As she digs for the truth about what she’s learned she will use everything at her disposal. We soon learn the Marie, Nina and everyone else is not as they seem and soon someone will die because of it.

This is just an average thriller for me. It went on a bit too long and seemed to get repetitive as well. There are some twists and turns that keep it interesting by the end.

You can pick up The Last Wife in stores on Tuesday, July 7th from Graydon House.