Book Review: ‘The Last True Poets Of The Sea’ By Julia Drake

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Sixteen year old Violet is shipped off to her uncle Toby in Lyric, Maine from New York, after her brother tries to kill himself. He has a history of problems and Violet is a typical teen and her parents have had enough. Her family found Lyric in the 1800’s after her great-great-great Grandmother’s boat The Lyric sank and she survived.

She’s not happy about being sent there and she has a job working in the local aquarium. Violet makes new friends, learns about the town and wants to know more about her families history. The whole time she’s there she reflects on her brother’s illness, the history of the family and becomes involved in a triangle with Orion, a man she works with and likes and Liv, another friend. She also wants to try and find The Lyric ship that sank all those years ago.

This will be a turning point of a summer for Violet as she struggles with everything going on around her. And by the time the book is over Violet will be a different person.

A good debut novel from author Julia Drake in the Young Adult genre. She has interesting characters, teen angst and a story that has you rooting for Violet as you read it. At the core it’s learning about yourself and becoming a better person. Julia will be someone to watch in the future.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, October 1st.