Book Review: ‘The Last Goodbye: A Novel’ By Fiona Lucas

It’s been almost 3 years since Anna lost her husband Spencer and she is still in mourning for him. Her friend Gabi says it’s time to move on but Anna still isn’t ready yet. One night she calls Spencer’s old cell to hear his voicemail and his voice. To her surprise someone answers the phone. She is shocked and hangs up. Soon she discovers that the bill on his phone was not being paid and the number was given to someone else. That someone was Brody. And they talk and then they talk somemore and then they keep talking. They develop a friendship and Anna slowly comes out of her shell. Brody has emotion issues that he doesn’t talk about. It’s obvious he has secrets. After months of talking and Anna wants to meet him but he’s hesitant. She finds out who he is and they slowly start to be more honest with each other and Anna learns his shocking secrets. She makes a plan for them to meet on New Year’s Eve and hopes he shows up. Can each of these emotionally hurt people put the past behind them and move forward with each other?

A solid story of trying to move forward and deal with grief. You root for these two characters to put the past behind them and find comfort in each other. A well-written story that will touch you emotionally.

You can pick up The Last Goodbye in stores on Tuesday, June 8th from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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