Book Review: ‘The Last Bookshop In London: A World War II Novel’ By Madeline Martin

A great historical novel set during WWII in London featuring one woman’s work for a bookstore and for the war efforts. It has strong friendships, a love story and books. Grace Bennett moves to London with best friend Viv in 1939 before England entered the war. She has a job at Primrose Hill, an old book store that has no structure to it. She starts fixing up the store, setting up ads and promoting the store with book readings and word of mouth. Soon the store is thriving until the war starts and the bombings start. Then things change dramatically and Grace and her friends are in danger everyday from the Germans. But she has the bookstore and the people close to her and with danger all around it’s not the life she had hoped for at this time. And when tragedies strike she will have to rise up and overcome the bad things.

You can pick up The Last Bookshop In London in stores on Tuesday, April 6th from Hanover Square Press.

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