Book Review: ‘The Imperfects: A Novel’ By Amy Meyerson

When Grandma Helen Miller dies it sets off a chain of events for her heirs Deborah, Beck, Ashley and Jack. For they don’t know much about her past when Beck finds a piece of jewelry that was left to her, which turns out to be something that she never expected. It’s the Florentine Diamond, a 137 carat yellow gemstone that has been lost for over a hundred years from the Austrian Empire.

Why Grandma Helen had it is a mystery. Beck intended to keep it a secret but it is mentioned in the will as left to Beck. She has it appraised and it seems to be the Florentine. She tells her family but swears them to secrecy until they can figure out if Helen really owned it. But word soon leaks out because someone can’t keep their mouth shut. And now the Austrian and Italian governments are claiming ownership and the US Government is also involved in the litigation of the gemstone.

Now the Miller family must find proof and fast as to the ownership. And this family is dysfunctional and doesn’t get along. They all have personal issues going on and it will take everything they have to find the answers they need. And when they do find the proof something shocking happens and the question is can this family pull together or be thrown further apart.

A sterling story of family and a mysterious past that shines the light on turmoil in Europe during the two wars. Based on a real life missing piece of jewelry, the author uses this as a solid piece of story-telling.

You can pick up The Imperfects in stores on Tuesday, May 5th from Park Row Books.

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