Book Review: ‘The Hundred Gifts’

Most parents experience the empty nest at some point in their life. It can be a tough time when the kids are gone and it’s just you and your husband/wife in the house. It’s also a tough time when you lose your loved ones to death and you shut the world out due to grief.

In her new novel The Hundred Gifts (NAL Accent Trade Paperback: On Sale October 27), Jennifer Scott writes about both of these topics in a touching and fun way.

The holidays are coming up and it’s usually a festive time for Bren Epperson. Not this year. Her daughter has gotten married and lives in Thailand. Her son has taken off to see the world. It’s not just her husband Gary and herself. And she might has well be on her own. Gary seems to be going through a mid-life crisis and has seemed to forgotten his wife.

To pass the time Bren gets a job teaching a class how to cook. Even though she’s not a professional, she happened into the job. When a few people actually show up, including her mother and her crazy aunt, the class bonds over learning to cook. A problem arises when the cranky old lady living upstairs named Paula starts complaining and causing problems for the class and the owner.

Bren and her friends try to reach out to her with no luck. Paula wants to be left alone with her her aging dog and not be bothered by these people. She manages to get the classes shut down. Bren and her new friends continue to reach out to Paula with little luck and decide to come up with 100 gifts leading up to Christmas. Bren’s marriage continues to have issues, a new man confesses his desire for her and Bren may be tempted.

The lesson everyone learns is that communication is key and letting people in and sharing your pain and feelings can be the best therapy!

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