Book Review: ‘The Happiness Plan: A Novel’ By Susan Mallery

by | Jun 11, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Three close friends, Heather, Tori, and Daphne, are like sisters and share everything. Three close brothers Brody, Grant, and Campbell are part of their lives. Daphne is married to Brody, and stepmother to his three children, wants a baby of her own, and is having an emotional affair with her co-worked, and it causes issues in her marriage. Tori and Grant are best friends, and live next to each other. When their apartment complex floods, they rent a house together, and it turns onto more, which freaks them both out, they don’t want to lose their friendship. Heather has deep emotional issues, which makes it hard for her to trust. She and Campbell were an item until she dumped him for the second time. She also has a horrible mother, and finds her birth father, and tries connecting with him, and his family. Furthermore, she also figures out she still wants Campbell, but he has someone else. With the closeness of their friendship, they all come to understand the issues that they have, try to overcome them, and fix the bad choices they have made. Is it too late for them all to be happy? Susan Mallery is the queen of this kind of character-driven, strong female characters. You follow along with these six people, and hope that things will work out for them. A perfect beach read.

You can pick up The Happiness Plan in stores on Tuesday, June 20th from MIRA.