Book Review: ‘The Hand On The Wall’ Is The Thrilling Conclusion To The Truly Devious Series

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Author Maureen Johnson is back with the finale of her Truly Devious book series. This is the first one I have read and it’s easy to follow. There’s enough backstory to understand what’s going on.

Ellingham Academy is the setting in present day Vermont, outside of Burlington. There are now three people dead and the mystery of what happened to 3 year old Alice, who was kidnapped in the 30’s and never found, haunts the school to this day. Stevie is determined to figure out what happened to the people murdered now and what happened to Alice all those years ago. Alice’s rich father has left a big amount of money for anyone that has concrete proof of what happened to her as long it it’s proved by the time of Alice’s 90th birthday.

And now the school has no choice but to send everyone home. David is missing and a major snowstorm is approaching. For Stevie and a few of her fellow students they don’t want to leave and hide out until it’s too late. David is back as well. While they are holed up, they work on the Truly Devious case (It involved a mysterious letter in the 30’s that may have something to do with Alice) and also to find proof that David’s father is corrupt (he’s a Senator running for the Presidency).

After the power goes out and everyone is relocated to the former home of where the Ellinghams lived, things come more into focus. Stevie has been trying to figure out the clues to the Truly Devious riddle and finally cracks it. It leads to a serious situation and then she finally puts everything together and the truth about Alice may finally come out after all these years.

A solid end to the series with fun characters and a perfect setting in Burlington with a massive snowfall as part of the story. The flashbacks to the 30’s fills in the mystery of Alice and her mother and what happened all those years ago.

You can pick up The Hand On The Wall in stores on Tuesday, January 21st from Harper.