Book Review: ‘The Guardians’ Is The Next Thrilling John Grisham Novel

I love John Grisham books. The books have really interesting, well-written characters with interesting, intense stories that keep the reader engaged right until the end. His newest book The Guardians follows that same format and is an enjoyable book to read.

Cullen Post is an Episcopal Minister and also a lawyer. Law was his main thing until he got burned on it, got divorced and found god and devoted his life to him. He also found a new calling with the law and works for a non-profit Guardian Ministries, that helps people in prison that may be innocent. They meet with and investigate the cases and decide if they should pursue them and help prove they are innocent.

They have successfully gotten people out of prison and the charges thrown out and gotten people off of death row while they investigate. Cullen is currently working six different case and is always on the road meeting with inmates and investigating.

One of his current clients is Quincy Miller, who as a young black man was convicted of murdering a lawyer Keith Russo in his office. There was no concrete proof but people lied and in this small Florida town it wasn’t hard to get him convicted. Cullen is now working his case and believes he is innocent. As Cullen starts investigating he finds this case has a lot more elements to it then he ever could have imagined. It involves a lot of crooked people and drug runners. The more he digs, it gets more dangerous and people don’t want Quince going free. Lives are in jeopardy and Cullen will have to fight to get his day in court and prove Quincy innocent after all these years.

If you’re a fan of John Grisham’s previous books you will love this one just as much as any of his others. And I also want to say the books are very easy to read. Short chapters with no useless filler and not a lot of words. Note to any editors and other writers this is how every book should be written!

You can pick up The Guardians in stores on Tuesday, October 15th from Doubleday.

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