Book Review: ‘The Golden Doves: A Novel’ By Martha Hall Kelly

Josie Anderson and Arlette LaRue became fast friends when they teamed together during WWII as part of the French Resistance. They were captures, and along with Arlette’s young son were sent to Ravensbruck. They survived it, but her son went missing, and now ten years later she’s still looking for him, and when she meets Luc Minau, she’s told her son might be in French Guiana. Josie works for the United States in Fort Bliss, where former Nazi scientists are brought. She’s given an assignment to find Dr. Snow, a for Nazi Doctor, responsible for the death of a lot of people, including her mother. She ends up in French Guiana, with Arlette, and they team together to find the doctor, and her son. But not all is as it seems there, and they soon find shocking things, and their lives are in grave danger. This is another well-written, historical fiction novel from author Kelly, after Lilac Girls. Fans of this genre will love this one, even if it’s a bit too long of a story.

You can pick up The Golden Doves in stores on Tuesday, April 18th from Ballantine.

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