Book Review: ‘The Garden House: A Novel’ By Marcia Willett

El has just finished college and she’s trying to figure out what to do next. Then her father Martin dies and her life is thrown into chaos. She has inherited his house ‘the Pig Pen’ in Tavistock, England. She decides to move there and live in the house. She starts to go through her father’s clothes and gets overwhelmed. Her step-brother Will offers to come help. El also gets a job at the local bookstore and meets up with old friends and new ones in the town. She also discovers mysterious texts on Martin’s cellphone and she and Will decide to get to the bottom of it. Did he have a girlfriend no one knew about? She also becomes close to Will and soon all the answers may just come down to The Garden House.

A fun story to follow along with and characters you root for. The English setting also plays in nicely with the story. You can pick up The Garden House in stores on Tuesday, August 17th from St. Martin’s Press.

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