Book Review: The Fourth Book In The Rocco Schiavone Mysteries, ‘Spring Cleaning,’ Is Coming To A Book Shelf Near You

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Review by Adrina Palmer

The fourth installment in the Rocco Schiavone mystery series from the international bestselling author, Antonio Manzini, picks up three days after his last novel, ‘Out of Season,’ left off, as Rocco seeks revenge for a friend—and closure for himself.

If you’ve been following Italian author Antonio Manzini’s writing career then you know his fourth book is finally on its way for ravenous followers of the Rocco Schiavone mystery series. Like the three previous books, ‘Spring Cleaning’ arrives translated from Italian for the American audience. The fourth installation starts three days after international bestseller ‘Out of Season’ finished.

Fans will remember Rocco seeking revenge for a friend and finding closure for himself. Set in the Italian Alps, Rocco worked in book three to find the kidnapped Chiara Berguet, while dealing with escaped convict Enzo and a newly purchased revolver. A case of mistaken identity causes an even more fiendish reaction and leaves a gruesome scene for Rocco at home. Now, book four picks up with a friend of Rocco’s dying in his bed instead of Rocco himself. The victim was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time leaving Rocco riddled with guilt.

Rocco needs to find the identity of an unknown hitman, deal with angry mafia men, deal with his last case, and try to find comfort from his girlfriend. If that’s not enough, the teenager he saved in the last book has a serious attitude problem and still hasn’t fully recovered from her injuries from the kidnapping. Her family is keeping their own secrets from Rocco, making his job more difficult. Trying to find the kidnapper and now a hitman has Rocco searching for multiple answers and coping with skeletons from a couple of different closets.

This fourth case for detective Schiavone might just be the one to knock him off his game. Shown in a spanning panorama with a lively scope of sub-characters and feisty dialogue, this new mystery will enthrall fans with another tightly wound mystery. Those searching for a taste of Italian crime coupled with a complex thriller will delight in finding an author with four books in a series for their reading pleasure.

Available in book stores May 7th

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