Book Review: ‘The Flying Circus’

Susan Crandall is back with hew novel The Flying Circus, an entertaining story of 3 people who each have problems in their lives coming together for adventure across the country in the late 20’s.

Cora Rose Haviland who comes from a wealthy family who has lost all there money. She’s adventurous and rebellious. Henry Schuler the son of a German immigrant, whose family has all died and he’s taken in by a family who has all daughters and no sons and is basically rejected by everyone but the dad of the house. He’s also on the run being accused a deadly crime. And Gil is a former World War I pilot, who has never really recovered from the his stint in the war and some person issues back home.

Gil has a Jenny plane that he takes around and flies people in for money. When his plane lands in a field near Cora’s house and where Henry is on his way to Chicago, the unlikely threesome meet up. Henry convinces Gil to let him help with the plane in exchange for a ride getting him closer to his destination. Cora comes across them when she has an accident on her motorcycle. They all go back to Cora’s for dinner and a place to sleep and Henry and Gil leave early the next morning for their next city.

Cora ends up taking off and meeting up with them, not happy they left. She is tired of her family life and wants to be on the road with them doing motorcycle stunts. Gil reluctantly allows it and they form a threesome doing shows in various towns. Cora even picks up a stray dog and he becomes part of the act. As they travel around the show is becoming somewhat popular and they are making some money. And also fighting and arguing with each other over almost every little thing. Cora is reckless and wants to do more and more dangerous stunts. Henry is being taught to fly the plane. Gil is still closed off dealing with his demons.

Things get more tense between them and soon Cora and Henry join another plane touring outfit. They are able to get Gil aboard as well. They are making money and having fun doing it. Soon though the past catches up with each of them and will forever change them.

A story of adventure, love, a look a life in the late 20’s and 30’s (when alcohol was illegal) and the effects of the WWI on people. At the heart of the story is love, adventure and a passion for flying. You can pick up The Flying Circus on July 7.

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