Book Review: ‘The First House Of The Heart’ Blends Vampires And Antiques

Ben Tripp is the author of the Rise Again books and is back with his new book The First House Of The Heart (Gallery Books out July 28). Vampires and the world of antiques collide!

Sax is an antiques collector and has been doing it for along time. He’s very successful at it. When a mysterious bidder starts bidding against him on pieces he wants he suspects there’s more to it. Doing some research he figures out it’s a vampire with a grudge against him. Having battled vampires in the past and having been bitten (he survived) he goes off looking for the vampire to destroy it.

With the help of the Holy Roman Church an adventure of life and death commences. We learn in flashbacks Sax’s battle in the past with a vampire when he tried to grab a collection. With a crew of vampire hunters/killers the journey is on through France and Germany to track the vampire down before the vampire tracks them.

A well written thriller that blends the world of antiques and vampires in the modern world (yes our vampire villain has gone high tech) in an epic battle that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

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