Book Review: ‘The Final Twist: A Colter Shaw Novel’ By Jeffery Deaver

Colter Shaw is back for his third novel and is on the hunt for the findings of his father’s mission many years ago that cost him his life. In San Francisco he’s looking for a courier bag that may contain information to bring down BlackBridge once and for all and stop them from disturbing drugs in bad neighborhoods. He has clues as to where this bag might be but has to search locations to find it. And BlackBridge is on his tail it seems at every turn and his life is in danger, when his brother Russell suddenly shows up. They team up together to try and find this evidence and finally avenge their father’s death. When he finally finds what he’s looking for it’s a blockbuster that could change things in a big way. Colter will have to use all his wits to stop this from becoming public and save his life and that of his families.

Another solid novel in the series. Colter is a great character to read and author Jeffery Deaver throws in lots of twists and turns to keep the story going when you think it’s over.

You can pick up The Final Twist in stores on Tuesday, May 11th from Putnam.

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