Book Review: ‘The Fashion Orphans: A Novel’ By Randy Susan Meyers And M.J. Rose

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Lulu and Gabrielle are sisters but a bit estranged. Lulu lost her husband to a sudden death over two years ago and is in debt bigtime. Gabrielle’s husband left her for another woman and ruin her reputation. And now their mother has died. They both expect a good amount of money from her estate but are shocked when told there’s not much money. When they go to her apartment they find out why there isn’t much money….their mother has a huge closet filled with mostly Chanel clothes, handbags and jewels and shoes from the famed designer and each piece seems to be worth a good amount of money. The lawyer for the estate tells them they need a plan of what to do with it all befoe they legally can have anything, per the terms of the will. They also find little notes as they look at the clothes and each note seems tailored to the daughter in some way. They come up with a plan to open a vintage store and sell everything but things soon become complicated and everything may fall apart.

I am a fan of Randy Susan Meyers (Waisted) and M.J. Rose (The Last Tiara, Cartier’s Hope and many historical novels) and together they have written a great novel at its core about family and putting the past behind them and moving forward. The whole Chanel part is the historical look at the famed designer and the whole novel is just great.

You can pick up The Fashion Orphans in stores on Tuesday, February 1st.