Book Review: ‘The Fallen’ Is The Next Chapter In The Quinn Colson Series

Ace Atkins is back with his seventh installment in his Quinn Colson series of books titled The Fallen (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores Tuesday, July 18). This is my first time reading this character and series and I found it fun. Quinn is an interesting character and even if you haven’t read any of the other books, Ace gives enough back story on the characters and histories that you don’t miss a beat.

Former Ranger and military vet Quinn Colson has been re-elected sheriff of the small town of Tibbehah County, Mississippi. Not a lot happens here. But that all changes when a bank robbery happens and robbers get away clean. Also at the same time two 15 year old girls go missing. And a local strip club with a shady owner Fannie Hatcock, is being told they have to conform to local regulations or be shut down.

So now Quinn and his deputy sheriff Lillie and the rest of their staff are suddenly busy with multiple things at once. The FBI is called in about the robberies as they have been happening all over. Quinn’s sister Caddy goes on the hunt for the missing girls. And an old friend name Maggie moves back to town that may be a new romantic involvement for Quinn.

The stories overlap and the robbers soon make a pivotal mistake and there’s local connections to them. Caddie’s life is in danger as the search for the girls gets closer to being figured out. And Fannie is in for a world of trouble when one her plans backfires and her life is on the line. It races to a final climatic showdown.

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