Book Review: ‘The Extinction Agenda’ Is A Great Debut Novel And Start To A New Series

James Mason has it all going for him. He’s an FBI agent, just got married and his father is a United States Senator. He’s based out of the Denver office and is partnered with Kane, a man who has been a mentor to him. His current case takes him to the Arizona desert and something mysterious killing birds. They search for the reasons why and it leads them on a chase to a hidden place in the desert and they swoop in. It’s a trap and Kane is killed.

Mason is shattered and a year later he’s still suffering over it. It’s causing issues in his marriage. He has a new partner Trapp and he’s still investigating what happened a year ago. His wife has stumbled onto something and has a secret meeting at a sleazy motel with another man. Someone calls Masons phone and plays audio of her checking in and it sounds bad. A little while later there’s an explosion at the motel and his wife is killed. This sets off Mason and he’s suspended from his job for not following orders.

So he decides to investigate everything that has happened in the last year and what he finds is shocking. A global plot for financial domination that has roots back to the Nazis and could involved mass extinctions of human kind.

He has his longtime friends Gunnar, a rich man who is a bit shady and Ramses, a well-connected man who is also shady. Mason’s life if in constant danger from the bad guys and more than once he’s able to outrun them. But his luck may be running out and he finds that people he’s close to have betrayed him and it leads to one final showdown that may be the end of him.

The character of James Mason joins all the other bad asses out there like Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher just to name a few. Also the supporting characters of Gunnar and Ramses are really cool as well. The story is full of twists and turns and is non-stop action. I for one cannot wait for the next chapter with Mason and company. Congrats to author Michael Laurence on a thrilling debut.

You can pick up The Extinction Agenda in stores on Tuesday, September 3rd from St. Martin’s Press.

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