Book Review: ‘The Duchess: A Historical Novel About Wallis Simpson’ By Wendy Holden

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

I loved author Wendy Holden’s last historical fiction book The Royal Governess and now she’s back with her newest historical fiction novel looking at the life of that Simpson woman Wallis Simpson. The woman who got the King Of England to give up his crown for her. The twice divorced woman was never going to be accepted in 1937 and The King, who Wallis just knew as David, gave it all up for her. The book starts out with the death of David in 1972 and Wallis having to return to England and the Royal Family for his funeral. To say it was a tense time is an overstatement. The book looks at the funeral at various times. The rest of the book starts with Wallis getting married for a second time and how she longed for friends and society in London. When she finally got some and it lead to getting an invite to The Fort, where David, the Prince Of Wales spent many a weekend with his latest flings. She and the future King became close and he feel in love with her, plotted the end of her marriage and wanted her to be his Queen when his father suddenly dies and he becomes the new King Edward the VIII. Wendy Holden has done a great job in her research and writing this novel. As a historical fiction novel the information is correct, with artistic liberty as to what was really said and done with the principal characters. I learned a lot of new information in this book. I just love Historical Fiction.

You can pick up The Duchess in stores on Tuesday, September 28th from Berkley.