Book Review: ‘The Drafter’ Is A Great Sci-Fi Ride

New York Times best selling author Kim Harrison is back with The Drafter (Gallery Books, in stores Tuesday, September 1). A great Sci-Fi thriller based on people drafting (coming back to life and losing chunks of time).

Set in Detroit 2030 Peri Reed is a drafter (a unique person who can die and come back to life and losing parts of her memory and chunks of time). She works for a top-secret government agency and gets assigned missions. The problem is different factions want her services. The agency she works for is secretly working against her.

A rival agency wants her as well. With her memory wiped and her name on a list as a corrupt agent she’s not sure who to trust. She soon joins up with a mysterious rogue soldier in an effort to clear her name.

On the run she must use all the skills at her disposal and if she must kill those who want to do her harm. Will she be able to clear her name before she is taken down?

A terrific thriller that will have you on the edge of your seats. Hopefully this will turn into a series of books based on the premise and the character of Peri Reed!

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 1.

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