Book Review: ‘The Divines: A Novel’ By Ellie Eaton

Josephine has just married Jurgen and they’re off on their honeymoon. As they drive through the town where she went to school back in the 1990’s. She relives memories of those days and how she was a Divine and they lived by their own rules. And that meant they did what they wanted to do. And it brings back thoughts of her old roommate Gerry and a horrible accident that happened to her because of the Divines. When her husband asks her about her life back then she doesn’t want to talk about it. But slowly she does and we learn her story and how bad she and those girls were in those days. And as a reunion with these girls is about to take place, things need to be said and done to put the past behind her.

The debut novel of Ellie Eaton is a thrilling look at a group of mean girls, the Divines, that ruled their school and will keep the readers engaged throughout the novel. Eaton is one to be watched in the future.

The Divines is in stores on Tuesday, January 19 from William Morrow.

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