Book Review: ‘The Devil You Know: A Detective Margaret Nolan Novel’ By P.J. Tracy

Detective Margaret Nolan is called to the scene of a dead body in Malibu, the night after an earthquake and aftershocks have hit. The body is of A-list actor Evan Hobbes, who just yesterday had a video released of him with an underage girl, he claims it was a deepfake video (and was proven right about that). The night before his death he was at a big party in Malibu and his body was found at the bottom of a cliff and it looks like murder. And as Margaret and her partner Al start investigating, it looks like it could be any number of people, including his agent amd his boss and any nymber of women scorned. Then more bodies start arriving and the list of suspects are narrowed down. We also get more movement with Margaret and Remi, and story developtment for Sam. This is the third novel in the series and is another good book, with lots of movement with the characters and a good murder mystery.

You can pick up The Devil You Know in stores on Tuesday, January 17th from Minotaur Books.

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