Book Review: ‘The Death Of An Heir’ Is A Fascinating Look At The Murder Of Adolph Coors III

When I first got the book for Death Of A Heir I wasn’t sure I would be interested in it. Then I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. It’s a fascinating look at the murder of oldest of the Coors boys. The heir to the kingdom. A father and husband who by all accounts was a really nice guy. I am familiar with Coors beer but had not known anything about the family or the company. After reading this book I know a lot more.

On the morning of February 9. 1960 the live of Adolph Coors III and his family would be forever changed. Joseph Corbett Jr. had put a plot together to kidnap him and then ransom him for money. He had the whole plan ready and thought what could go wrong. Well the best plans don’t having go off right. He didn’t expect Adolph to fight back and ended up killing him. He hid the body and thought he got away with it. He even sent a ransom note to try and continue the plan. No one knew for sure if he was dead r not.

As the police and FBI searched they couldn’t come up with much at first. The more they dug into the case, the closer they got to figuring out it was Joseph. Once the body was found and Joseph went on the run and did stupid things, the chase was on to find him. First in the United States and then Canada. Finally caught the next things was to get him to confess and to trial.

Author Philip Jett researched everything he could find on the story. He has put together an extensive time list from the day the murder happened, throughout the chase, the trial and the outcome of it. He even concludes it with where the principal people are to this day. It’s one of those books I like to call a page-turner. I couldn’t put it down.

This is one that will make my top ten list of books that I have read this year. Pick up Death Of An Heir in stores on Tuesday, September 26 from St. Martin’s Press.

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