Book Review: ‘The Darkness We Hide’ Is The Thrilling Conclusion To The Undertaker’s Daughter Story

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The third and final story starts off slowly. It’s been months since the events with Julian. It’s been quiet but that’s all about to change. Rowan and Billy are closer than ever and they are living together, and maybe a wedding in the future.

Things start downhill when Rowan finds Burt dead in his car. He was texting her something he had found but never finished. Rowan and Billy are still working all angles on the case and finding more information and clues that might be pertinent to the case. A psychic woman warns her someone will come with info. A man that was one of her mother’s protectors tells her everything about her mother’s past and how it relates to Julian. And Rowan finds her mother’s childhood home and learns shocking secrets.

It all leads to the final showdown with Julian, who uses Charlotte’s family as bait to get Rowan over to her place. Julian escapes with Rowan and their off to finish whatever it is that’s going to happen. Billy and Agent Dressner are on the scene but a shocking betrayal is shown and now Billy’s live is in danger as he tries to save Rowan’s life. Who will live and who will die during the climatic ending of the story.

A thrilling ending to the trilogy with all answers finally revealed and a great ending to the series with the final climatic scenes. A well done series from the first book right to the end.

You can pick up The Darkness We Hide in stores on Tuesday, March 31st from MIRA.