Book Review: ‘The Damage’ Is One Of The Best Novels Of The Year

The Damage is one of the best books of the year that starts off fast and never lets up. Page after page of intense, well-written characters and stories and twists and turns right up to the very end. You won’t want to put it down.

Tony is 17 years older than his brother Nick but he’s always been like a dad to him. He practically raised him and always looks out for him. Nick is gay and was looking forward to meeting Chris at the bar. Chris never showed up and Josh did. Nick and Josh hung out drinking then left for a hook-up. They went to the Motel 4 where Josh is staying. Then the next morning Nick wakes up bleeding and beat up. When he gets home his roommates take him to the hospital where is shows he was raped. The police are now on the case and Tony shows up for his brother. Nick can’t remember a lot about the night once they got to the motel, but has a picture of him from the bar. They find the man and he claims it was consentual. It becomes a case of he said/he said. And for Tony he wants revenge on this man that hurt his brother. As Nick is trying to come to terms with things, Tony is forming his own plan for revenge. When Nick makes a shocking reveal about the night in question, Tony’s wife Julia is trying to stop her husband from making a deadly mistake. When the attacker goes missing, all bets are off as to what happened to him and who is responsible.

You can pick up The Damage in stores on Tuesday, June 15th from Pamela Dorman Books.

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