Book Review: ‘The Current: A Novel’ Is A Compelling Mystery

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Author Tim Johnson is back with his newest novel The Current following the success of Descent. This story follows many people in a small town having to come to grips with a tragic death and injury of a local girl. It opens up past wounds of a tragic death 10 years ago that was never solved. It is well crafted, gripping story, with twists and turns and well-developed characters that you end up rooting for, leading up to the shocking finale.

Outside a small Minnesota town 19 year old Audrey is returning to town with her friend Caroline. After an altercation with two guys at the gas station their car is suddenly knocked into the Black Root River. Audrey survives but Caroline dies. This brings up what happened 10 years ago to Holly Burke who was also found dead in the river. The case was never solved although there was a suspect Danny Young. He left town and has only been back a few times since. He still claims his innocence.

Audrey soon loses her father to a heart attack and begins to investigate herself what happened all those years ago and who might have ran her off the road and killed Caroline. The digging she does brings her to a suspect that she never would have thought. One that left town with a cloud over his head. It leads to a showdown that could cost her life in the river once again.

It’s a page-turner of a story that will keep you reading the story (you won’t want to put it down) until the end. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, January 22nd.