Book Review: ‘The Color Of Ice’ Is A Passionate Love Story

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Set among the glaciers and thermal lagoons of Iceland and framed by the magical art of glassblowing, The Color of Ice is the breathtaking story of a woman’s awakening to passion, beauty, and the redemptive power of unconditional love.

This is a great read and well worth your time. It’s a beautiful love story filled with color and passion, imbued with a desperate need that takes your breath away. Cathryn McAllister, a freelance photographer, is offered a gig in Iceland to photograph the works of Mack, an enigmatic artist who works with the magnificent icebergs of Iceland. Cathryn accepts the two-day job and is intrigued by meeting Mack.

She sets out for Iceland, and her breath is taken away by the majestic blue icebergs she can see from her plane. When she lands, she contacts Mack, discovers he is allergic to people and makes an appointment to see her early the next morning with few people around. Her meeting with Mack puts into motion a rare and wonderful relationship, and so it begins; she decides to extend her stay in Iceland and take a mini vacation where they strip each other’s minds bare and release their secrets.

You will be drawn into a world of fire and ice, Cathryn allows her feelings and needs to bubble to the surface, and their relationship is lovely. I tried to think how I would describe this meeting of two wounded souls because I felt the magnificent power of the island, and you will take a journey with these extraordinary people that will have you buying tickets for Iceland. To close this review, it came to me how I would describe their relationship. The ocean, its gentle movement, the motion of a high tide, and finally, a torrent of angry water, tearing down the great icebergs that show you the color of ice. It’s been a long time since I read a book that took my breath away, and I highly recommend it.

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Ann McDonald