Book Review: ‘The Coincidence Of Coconut Cake’ Is A Tasty Love Story

In reading the press notes for this book it says ‘You’ve Got Mail meets How To Eat A Cupcake‘ which is a great description of The Coincidence Of Coconut Cake (Gallery Books) by Amy E. Reichert. A delightful story of struggle, love and food (beware this book will make you hungry!).

Set in Milwaukee Lou is a chef with her own restaurant (which hasn’t been open that long). She’s finally starting to make a little bit of money and things at work seem to be going okay. She has two loyal friends that help cool and run the business in Sue and Harley (a couple of oddball characters who seem to want each other but won’t admit it). Lou is also engaged to a lawyer named Devlin (who is very successful). He wants Lou to forget about the restaurant and just be his wife (of course that’s not what Lou wants).

When Lou is bringing Devlin a surprise birthday cake (his favorite Coconut) one morning she runs into a man who sees the cake and is intrigued with Lou. Lou gets a surprise when she finds another woman in Devlin’s apartment. Devlin claims it’s innocent (don’t they always) and she breaks it off. Lou is hurt and heads to work (where she is a mess). Well this same night the local food critic Al(who is Britsh, cranky and writes under a different name) decides to stop by to review and to say it doesn’t go well is an understatement (he is hard to please on any occasion).

His review is really bad and it hurts business big time. When Lou runs into Al (the food critic) they hit it off and start hanging out. Neither one knows who the other is and they make a pact to not talk about business at all. Weeks go by and it starts getting serious between the two. Al has changed from an uptight man into a fun loving guy.

Soon what Al has done comes out and now Lou has to figure out if she can forgive him (and a surprising secret as well is revealed as to how he happened to be at her restaurant that night to review).

A fun love story filled with food, romance and how much fun Milwaukee can be in the summer. Just reading this book made me feel like I gained ten pounds! You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, July 21.

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