Book Review: ‘The Cake Therapist’ Is A Tasty Treat

Judith Fertig’s debut novel is a tasty treat of sweets, relationships and starting over.

Claire ‘Neely’ O’Neill moves back to her small Midwestern town from New York city escaping her bad marriage. She opens a bakery in town. The bakery is The Rainbow Cafe and with hard work she makes it a success. She also has a special gift of being able to read people and what they want. With each order she meets with the client and is able to deduce what they would like. With a thriving business, she also reconnects with her family and friends. Still having to deal with personal life and the potential for a new romance, Neely had decisions to make.

Something is bothering her though and we get flashbacks to a family that lived in town many years ago and a missing family member. As the book unfolds the past and present will meet and mysteries will be solved.

An enjoyable read from start to finish. The descriptions of the baking and the final products will make you hungry and feel like you’ve gained ten pounds reading the book.

You can pick up ‘The Cake Therapist’ on Tuesday, June 2.

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