Book Review: ‘The Burning Girls’ Is The Next Thrilling C.J. Tudor Novel

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

I loved C.J. Tudor’s first book The Chalk Man. I loved her second book The Other People. And guess what I love her third book The Burning Girl. Her new book once again is filled with twists and turns you don’t see coming and secrets you’ll never guess. She has become a force in writing thrilling novels.

Reverend Jack Books is a vicar that has been relocated to Chapel Croft, the home of The Burning Girls. It was five hundred years ago that the Protestants were betrayed and burned. And now the people of the village pay homage to them. Now Jack and her daughter Flo are moving to take over the local parrish after the vicar that was there hanged himself. Jack finds this place very strange. The people are nice enough but it seems there are lots of secrets here (and Jack has her fair share of them). Strange things are happening, a mysterious person is on the way to find Jack, Flo is seeing burning girls and soon Flo and Jack find their lives in danger. Shocking secrets are revealed and when you think everything is out in the open….bam author C.J. Tudor throws a bigtime twist you don’t see coming.

You can pick up The Burning Girls in stores on Tuesday, February 9th from Ballantine Books.