Book Review: ‘The Bullet’ Is A Thrilling Eve Duncan/Catherine Ling Novel By Iris Johansen

Joe Quinn’s past comes back to haunt him in the new Eve Duncan novel featuring Catherine Ling. His ex-wife Diane Connors is in trouble after finding something that could change modern medicine and is under the protection of Catherine Ling and Hu Chang. She needs the help of Eve Duncan to do a reconstruction but is being kind of vague about what she’s really up to and who might be after her. After an attempt on her life, Eve and Joe commit to helping her, with urging from their son Michael. Soon it turns into a full scale war with the bad guys hunting them down. Cameron also appears to help Catherine and Diane. It’s a battle back and forth and it may mean an ultimate sacrifice as one of the good guys might lose their life in the process.

I have been hoping for a new Catherine Ling novel for a while as I was disappointed with the last few Eve Duncan novels. But this one is one of the best novels in the series in quite a while. It’s all action and with the addition of the characters from the Catherine Ling series, it’s made all the better. Here’s hoping for a few more Catherine novels in the coming years.

You can pick up The Bullet in stores on Tuesday, June 8th from Grand Central.

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