Book Review: ‘The Book Of Speculation’

A family today needs to learn about their family from the past in order to save a life.

A sweeping novel that blends the past with the present is what The Book Of Speculation (St. Martin’s Press) is about from author Erika Swyler (her debut novel).

Simon who’s a librarian living in his families home in Long Island (and the house needs a lot of work) is trying to figure out how to save the house. It’s about to fall off the cliff and into the ocean. He receives a mysterious book in the mall from a book collector. He has no idea why he got it. As he starts to research it he discovers it has to do with his family and their history.

Simon only has his sister left as his mother drown and his dad died years ago. His sister Enola is with the circus as a tarot card reader. The more Simon reads and researches he learns that July 24th is a pivotal day in his family history. All the women in the family have died on this day and he’s worried the same thing will happen to Enola.

With flashbacks via the book, we learn the history of the family and how each person died over the years. It seems everyone at some point was involved with a traveling circus/carnival. As the days approach July 24th it’s a desperate race to solve the mystery and to save Enola’s life.

Erika blends the past with the present in a very effect way and you won’t want to put the book down until you reach it’s climaxed finale!

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