Book Review: ‘The Bone Maker: A Novel’ By Sarah Beth Durst

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

It’s a world where bone makers use human bones to bring back lifeless creatures. For Kreya it was 25 years ago she lost the love of her life Jentt during a brutal war with the evil Eklor. She and her army defeated him then. Since then she has been searching for human bones (which is illegal) and bringing Jentt back to life for limited times. Each time she does it takes a little of her lifespan away. She finally decides to go to the forbidden land (where she defeated Eklor) and get enough bones to bring Jentt back for good. While there she senses Eklor and some of his army and fears he’s still alive somehow. After bringing Jentt back for good, she finds out Eklor is indeed alive but and claiming to be reformed and trying to help those who have lost love ones. But Kreya doesn’t believe it and re-assembles her original five crew and they form a plan to take out Eklor for good and it might come at a cost of some of their lives.

If you’re a fan of the mystical, magical world this book is right up your alley. Author Durst pains a vivid picture of this world and her characters are well-written and you follow along with this intense story right to the very end.

You can pick up The Bone Maker in stores on Tuesday, March 9th from Harper Voyager.