Book Review: ‘The Body In The Wake’ Is The Next Fun Faith Fairchild Mystery

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

It’s the summer and Faith Fairchild is in Penobscot, Maine with her family and friends. There’s lots of activities planned like always. It will end with a big wedding (Pix’s daughter) at the end of the summer. Faith for the most part is on her own. Her son Ben is abroad, her daughter Amy is working a lot and her husband Tom is there but working on a new book and staying at a different place to do it. Faith is happy to have her friend Sophie along for the summer. They don’t get to spend a lot of time together during the rest of the year.

When Faith and Sophie go swimming what do they find? A dead body of course. It’s like Faith is a magnet for murders. The police are called and start an investigation. Faith is curious about the death but goes on with her days. Meanwhile in other parts of town Pix’s future son-in-law’s mother shows up and she’s something else. She wants to change the whole wedding around and is being a pain in the ass.

New neighbors move in and start cutting down trees and pissing people off. More murders take place and there’s a common theme among them. And one of the close people in this small town community has a drug problem that is connected to the murders and puts Sophie’s life in jeopardy.

If you’ve never read a Faith Fairchild book jump on in. This is the 25 story featuring the character. And she is fun to read as are the other characters involved in these stories. And she can cook and you can make the recipes as author Katherine Hall Page includes them at the back of the book.

Each story is a stand alone so wouldn’t have had to read any previous stories to understand what’s going on. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, May 7th from Morrow.