Book Review: ‘The Birthday Girl’ Is The Next Thrilling Melissa De La Cruz Novel

One woman and two different lives come together in the newest thriller from author Melissa de la Cruz in The Birthday Girl. It’s birthday number 40 for Ellie and she is going all out (even though her husband isn’t for the party and really neither is she). She has bought a new mansion in Palm Springs and has invited all her friends to attend. She is also hiding secrets. Her multi-million dollar business is in trouble and if the deal she is working on doesn’t come through the will be broke. She also thinks her husband might be having an affair. And she gets mystery texts from someone from her past who says they will be at the party. Someone that knows her secret.

24 years ago she was a trailer park teen about to turn 16. She and her best friend Mish decide to celebrate the day in style. They go to the mall and shoplift, meet up with Mish’s boyfriend, get some drugs and go to a rich girl’s birthday bash. Things take a dark turn by the end of the night and no one’s lives will be the same.

The book alternates between time-frames and we learn what happened back then and how it has impacted on Ellie’s life today. It leads to a shocking confession and by the time the story is over things will never be the same for Ellie.

Author Melissa de la Cruz is at the top of her game here. The story starts off great with Ellie freaking out about her party and then gives the complete back story of that night. I found myself not wanting to put the book down to see what happened and how it would affect Ellie today. A page-turning story with some good twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout the whole story.

You can pick up The Birthday Girl in stores Tuesday, August 6th from Dutton.

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