Book Review: ‘The Bartender’s Cure: A Novel’ By Wesley Straton

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Samantha Fisher is 24, lives in San Francisco, wants to go to college at Harvard Law and just broke up with her boyfriend. She decides to take a gap year and moves to New York, where she’s sleeping on her best friend’s couch, which annoys the hell of her friend’s boyfriend. She gets a job as a bartender at a small bar called Joe’s Apothecary. It’s not something she wants to do and doesn’t have any real experience but needs the job and soon gets sucked into the life of being a bartender and has to decide what it is she truly wants. Each chapter starts with drink recipe and some background on drinks and booze. This is a fun debut novel from autor Wesley Straton, with interesting characters and the fun bar experience. It might even give you some new drink ideas for your next night out at the bar.

You can pick up The Bartender’s Cure in stores now.