Book Review: ‘The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy Book 1’ By Nora Roberts

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

You can always count on Nora Roberts every year for Eve Dallas books, stand-alone stories and a triology series. And now she is back with her newest triology series The Awakening, in which a young woman finds out about her past and how she is the key to saving not only this world but another world, as the fight between gold and evil heats up.

Breen Kelly, 26, lives in Philly and is a teacher, struggling to make money and pay off her bills. Her father left 15 years ago and never came back. Her overbearing mother did the best she could in raising her. Then she discovers she has money from her father in an account, quits her job, confronts her mother and takes off for Ireland for the summer to look for her father. But what discovers there is mind-bending.

She discovers a portal to a pararell time and arrives in the land of Talamh, where her grandmother and extended family lives. She soon learns the fate of her father and her own destiny. Her mother never told her anything about where she was born or who she really is. It turns out she is the potential savior of this world and her own against her evil grandfather, who had kidnapped her when she was a child. Now she must learn quickly the ways of this world and the powers she has in order to defeat him, as she is only the can do it.

Breen has to decide where she wants her life to go. She wants to go back to Philly and resume her life but knows in her heart she has to try and defeat the evil that is coming. What she decides will affect both worlds.

A great start to this new series introducing us to the charactes and setting of the plot. It starts off strong and never lets up. I couldn’t put it down. And with a solid cliffhanger ending, it keeps reader waiting until next November for the next novel.

You can pick up The Awakening in stores on Tuesday, November 24th from St. Martin’s Press.