Book Review: ‘The Art Of Betrayal: A Kate Hamilton Mystery’ By Connie Berry

Kate Hamilton is once again in the thick of another murder in the small English village of Long Barston. She’s filling in at Ivor Tweedy’s antiquities shop while he is getting a hip replacement. When Evelyn Villiers comes in wanting to sell a rare Chinese hunping from the Hans dynasty. Kate tells her she will research it and come up with a price to put it up for auction. Later that night she is with her Detective boyfriend Tom at the fair when a lady stumbles in dead. It’s Evelyn and then a call comes in about a break in at Kate’s store. There blood is found and humping is gone. The investigation begins right away and Kate is a consultant for the police department.  As Kate investigates it leads to old legends and mysterious members of the Villiers family and the missing daughter Lisa. The more Kate investigates things don’t add up. When Lisa shows up it only makes for more questions. Then Kate makes a shocking discovery that could change everything and puts her life in danger. 

My first time reading a Kate Hamilton novel and I really enjoyed it. Kate is a well-written character and they’re are some other quicky characters in the story as well that are fun to read. The small English town enhances the story. Some well time twists and it’s a solid mystery.

You can pick up The Art Of Betrayal in stores on Tuesday, June 8th from Crooked Lane.

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