Book Review: ‘Thank You, Next: A Novel’ By Andie J. Christopher

Alex Turner is a very successful divorce attorney. She’s very unsuccessful in the romance department. She doesn’t believe in marriage but likes relationships. But most of her last boyfriends dumped her and then went on to get married. It makes her wonder why and whats wrong with her, especially after seeing her latest ex Jason and his new fiancee on an expisode of Say Yes To The Dress. She decides to talk to a bunch of her ex-boyfriends to figure out just what is wrong with her. Then there’s Will Harkness (whose Father was once married to Alex’s Grandmother), who Alex has always loved and Will has always loved her, but they never went anywhere. Now he’s helping her with the ex interviews and soon they give into their desire for each other. They both have emotional interviews and now they have to decide if they can put their issues behind them and move forward as a couple. If you’re a fan of the rom-com, it doesn’t get any better than this. Two characters with issues, you root for them to overcome them and be together. Add in an over the top (in a fun way) Grandmother, who is a hoot and grab this book and head to the beach, lake, river and backyard and escape for a little while.

You can pick up Thank You, Next in stores on Tuesday, June 14th from Berkley.

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