Book Review: Taking The Lead By Derek Hough Is An Inspirational Look At His Life

“Figure out you passion and everything else with fall into place.” Derek Hough

Derek Hough is a world champion dancer and winner of the mirror ball five times on Dancing With The Stars. He has also won an emmy award for his choreography and in my opinion the best dancer on the show. He has made a movie and now has written a book about his life.

Derek grew up in Salt Lake City the only boy in a family with girls. He never planned on dancing and when he started he could never stop. It became a passion for him. He tells stories about all the different girls he has danced with and the competitions he has won and lost.

Derek credits his friendship and second family with fellow dance Mark Ballas and his family. They took him in during a time when Derek’s parents where splitting up and he moved to London where his dancing career took off.

Each chapter tells a story of his life and at the end of it Derek gives inspirational advice on how to live and let go of issues and be successful.

From the day he was born to winning on Dancing With The Stars, Derek recaps everything in his life with an honest approach. You can pick up ‘Taking The Lead’ on Tuesday, August 5.

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