Book Review: ‘Sycamore Circle: A Novel’ By Shelley Shepard Gray

Small town love with two people that wouldn’t expect to find it are the highlight of this second novel in the Ross County series. Joy Howard has been divorced for four years now, after her husband cheated on her. They have a sixteen-year-old daughter that they co-parent together. Lately, her ex has been hinting he might want to get back together, something Joy has no interest in. Bo Beauman has been out of prison for six years now, and works with ex-cons helping them get their lives together after they’re released. When he hears her voice in a coffee shop, he knows he has to meet her, and he does, and even gets her number. They become friends, and he wants more, but she’s not sure. When she gets a mysterious stalker, he is there for him, and they start falling for each other. And when Joy vanished, Bo will do everything he can to find her. I really enjoyed his novel, it’s well-written, and you root for these two characters to be together. It’s part rom-com, all heart.

You can pick up Sycamore Circle in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from Blackstone.

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