Book Review: ‘Sweet Tea And Sympathy’

Molly Harper is back with the first in a new set of novels A Southern Eclectric Novel titled Sweet Tea And Sympathy (Gallery Books; in stores Tuesday, November 21). The press notes sum it up perfectly: a contemporary romance with a little southern charm. A big city girls moves to a small town outside of Atlanta and connects with the family she never knew and the way of life in the south.

Margot Cary has been an event planner for 10 years in Chicago with the same company. She works with the elite, rich people of society planning their events. There’s no problem she can’t handle with her clients (and sometimes there are a lot is issues) but she takes care of them. She’s well respected and loves her job. Well this all came to an end when a series of events at the event she’s working make her and her company look bad. They were not her fault but she was given the blame. Margot is fired and after viral videos from the event is basically black balled. She cannot find another job and her friends are ignoring her. She was ready to buy a condo (the bank cancelled her loan), he lease on her apartment is up in a few days and she has no idea what she’s is going to do.

Well they say when one door closes another door opens. She gets a call on her skype from someone she doesn’t know. She ignores at first then finally answers. It’s her Aunt Tootie (from her father’s side of the family), someone she has never talked to or knew about. Her mother left her father, who was a drunk and his life when she was very young and never stayed in contact with them. Her Aunt so the videos and the story about Margot and tracked her down. She offers her a job at the family business in a small town outside of Atlanta, with a place to live and all her family including her father. With no other options Margot takes the job and moves there, telling herself and the family it will be temporary until she finds something else. The business is a funeral home/bait company.

For a big city girl life here is so much different. Everyone is so friendly and there are traditions in the south. Margot is not use to it and not comfortable with it. She meets her father and it doesn’t go good at first. She likes her family and their quirkiness. She soon meets Kyle and they seem to hit it off. They keep running into each other all around town. This being a small town people are talking. They discuss the fact that neither is ready for a relationship but that doesn’t stop them from getting close.

When Margot finally gets an offer to move to Dallas and work for a big company she’s excited but also after all this time not sure if she actually wants to leave. She’s gotten close to her family and Kyle and has a big decision to make. Should she try with him and stay with her family and dad or get back to the life she knows?

A sweet rom-com story that if it came out during the summer I would say is a perfect book for the beach. With it being the holiday season and colder weather you can read it in front of the fireplace.

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