Book Review: ‘Sweet Tea And Secrets’ Is The Next Fun Tea And Read Mystery

Callie Aspen has just about decided to move to Heart’s Harbor, Maine. She is helping out at Book Tea with her great-aunt, who has rented her a cottage. When Callie checks it out she sees it needs a lot of work. When she looks for a handyman to help out Quinn shows up.

Callie is also in preparations for a July 4th tea party celebrating the town history. Callie finds out about a mysterious disappearance many years ago involving TV star Monica Walker. Quinn has encouraged her to investigate it and is helping her. They talk to people in town and go on TV asking for anyone that might have information. And they talk to local newspaper guy Jamison. Callie soon learns that Quinn has been using her for some reason about this case. And then Jamison turns up dead. Quinn is the main suspect but Callie thinks he is innocent.

She decides that she is going to help solve the case and starts her investigation. She soon learns shocking truths about Quinn and what really happened all those years ago with Monica Walker (and it is a shocked for everyone).

Another fun Tea And Read mystery from author Joy Avon. These novels are a lot of fun with great characters and some fun twists and turns along the way for the reader.

You can pick up Sweet Tea And Secrets in stores on Tuesday, June 11 from Crooked Lane.

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