Book Review: ‘Summer Secrets’

New York Times bestselling author Jane Green is back with her latest novel Summer Secrets (St. Martin’s Press) and in stores now. It’s a story that features London and Nantucket.

Cat lives in London and works in the world of media. Fashion, parties and alcohol (lots of it). Cat has a serious drinking problem that has lead to many mornings of hangovers and blackouts. When she learns a family secret (that her father isn’t really her father) it sends her reeling but it also answers a lot of questions about her life growing up.

When she decides to finally get her act together she meets Jason whose a recovering alcoholic. She starts going to meetings and seems to be doing better. She and Jason eventually hook up and have a daughter but because of her issues still with booze has lost Jason.. When her mom tells her the truth about her dad, she seeks him out which brings her Nantucket (where her mother had met her real dad). Things seem to be going okay until she starts drinking and does something she will regret.

Over the years she decides to finally get clean and sober and that means having to revisit and make amends to the people in her life. Will they be forgiving to her or has she burned too many bridges.

For anyone that has been with or knows someone with a drinking problem they can relate to this book (I have never had anyone with the problem). Jane takes your through meetings and how the effects of booze can be on your life. The book is ultimately about forgiveness and how Cat tries to get there.

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