Book Review: ‘Stangers’ By Ursula Archer And Arno Strober

Joanna is home alone and ready for a quite evening on the couch drinking tea and reading a book. She’s upstairs when she hears a noise downstairs. Not having her phone (the battery is dead in the kitchen), she creeps downstairs and finds a man in the kitchen. Erik her finance is happy to see her. Problem is she has no idea who this man is. She’s never seen him before and is not engaged to him.

So sets the tone for Strangers by Ursula Archer And Arno Strober (Minotaur Books; in stores on Tuesday, January 9th). Joanna is afraid of him yet what he says and how he acts doesn’t make him seem a burglar. He’s able to answer questions about her. They look through the house and find nothing of his there. Not one thing. He’s as confused as she is. Their best friend says they’re together and has pictures of them. Joanna’s parents have never heard of Erik (she never mentioned him to them).

Erik loves her and tries everything he can to make her remember. They spend time together and she seems to be trusting him until she tries to stab him one night. On the way to the hospital someone tries to run him off the road. What is happening to these two people is all he can wonder. The more they try to figure this out the more confusing this gets.

When Erik is almost killed again he starts to put the pieces together and they discover it’s something bigger than them and they are pawns in a bigger plan.

I had mixed feelings on this book. The initial plot was intriguing to me of her not remembering him and where it might go. The suspense of would she remember and them having to fight for their lives great. It was where it ended up going (and no spoilers) that was a somewhat disappointment. It wasn’t bad by any means but it ended up being a bit underwhelming.

You can decide for yourself on Tuesday, January 9th.

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